About Staff

Nathaniel C. Polley became interested in politics and current events at a young age. Homeschooling, and in need of something to feed the mind of her growing son, Polley’s mother pointed him toward online news. He quickly became invested and would oftentimes abandon other subjects to find and understand more about American politics and political theory. When he was 15, he was exposed to an introductory course of economics presented from a libertarian perspective which shaped his views going forward. He ended up going to a rigorous college laboratory school where he spent every Friday discussing and learning about the founders of the United States of America. He graduated valedictorian and went on to college. It was after working on the college’s radio station that he began to realize a passion and some talent for political analysis. Half a year later, he started the ambitious project Rogue America in effort to grow his experience, political analysis presence, and to make a substantiated difference in the conservative movement. He hoped, in its founding, to create something that would go beyond him, and accomplish more than he ever could.