Why TrumpCare is a Disaster for Conservatives

Republican Senators Address The Media After Weekly Policy LuncheonsThe mainstream media has done its due diligence. Ceaseless coverage has been dedicated to the Trumpcare plan currently stalling on the Senate floor. Constant refrains by key democrats such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren repeat the left’s major talking point: the Republicans are writing their new bill in blood money; there will be approximately 20 million people uninsured (most presumably dying); we need to move toward single-payer healthcare; and on and on.

But what is really happening to our healthcare system? What is leftwing bias, and what is grim reality? Should we be worried about the GOP bill?

My answer–yes. But not for the reasons the New York Times would insist upon.

The GOP bill is monster-sized, believe me, I read the whole thing, but it isn’t chuck full of clauses for killing grandma or leaving people to die in the streets. The GOP healthcare bill is actually the most progressive piece of legislation we have seen introduced into Congress since 1965, barring the ACA itself.

The GOP bill creates a giant federal high-risk pool for those unable to find insurance (SEC. 2205). It offers subsidies of over 2,000 a year for individuals that need help paying for their health coverage. It mandates that 15,000,000,000 (billion) dollars be allocated to the states until 2020, and then 10 billion after that until 2026. It ‘allows’ insurance companies to recoup costs by imposing a 30% fee on everyone that experienced a lapse in their insurance plan. It even ‘grandmothers’ and ‘grandfathers’ many of the Obamacare options from 2013-2015. In short, the GOP healthcare bill would have been lambasted by the GOP ten years ago.

But that is not why I think the bill is a disaster. The bill is not a disaster because it draws from our non-existent pile of cash in Washington. The bill is not a disaster because it dispenses money to the states without the states even needing to apply for it. It isn’t even a disaster because it actually encourages people to¬†avoid getting insurance while young.

No. The bill is a disaster because it accepts the democrats on their premise: That healthcare is a government problem.

The left has been pushing for a supposedly compassionate universal healthcare system since the UK and Europe began to roll out their programs. Roosevelt pushed for healthcare and free housing in a second bill of rights. Lyndon B. Johnson created the massively bloated medicare/medicaid system and expanded social security. For years, conservatives from Milton Friedman to Sean Hannity, decried government subsidies that inflated medical prices and forced us into the insurance-bound situation that we sit in today. Now, the supposedly free market party has broken and accepted the feel-good policies of Barack Obama.

This the true outrage of the Republican bill. We are not gaining ground. We are not peeling back the dangerous downward spiral of socialized medicine. We are accepting it. We are assuring that it the policies of Marxists and socialists are here to stay.

This is the danger that many people warned of once the language “repeal and replace” began to circuit the right-wing. We don’t want replacement legislation, we want less legislation period.

As Andrew Breitbart often said, “politics is downstream of culture.” What is happening in Washington isn’t going to magically get better all by itself. The American people have bought into the lie that the problem in healthcare is one that can only be fixed with top-down pressure. They are pressuring a near-spineless Congress to promise them safety. They elected Donald Trump with little worry over his promises for single-payer healthcare. We are living in a time where the very things that made this country unique are being cast aside by a decieved populace.

I am not suggesting panic. The world isn’t going to fall apart, but if we want to preserve what made America the most medically advanced country in the worl–no, the most advanced country in the world, period–we are going to need a change, not in Congress, but in the culture.

That would actually Make America Great Again.


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