Occupy Democrats-FACT CHECK

photoOccupy Democrats is an online group created to reflect the goals and values of the Democratic party and the Occupy movement. Meaning you can expect what you can expect. Here we have a recent article published by the official website of Occupy Democrats–out of concern for our friends on the leftward side of the aisle, we have decided to edit out all the fake news that has somehow infiltrated the article. We couldn’t have any more of that circling the internet, now could we?

For clarity, our corrections are in orange.

“The Hill Just Confirmed White Supremacists Wrote Trump’s Inauguration Speech, Not Him”

Donald Trump’s inauguration speech yesterday was a horrifying thing to behold. A fascist war-cry, it painted a dark and disturbing vision of the United States that had little to do with reality. It was peppered with anti-Semitic dog-whistles like the use of “America First,” the pro-Nazi isolationist slogan used by groups who fought to keep the United States from entering the Second World War

Correction: While the use of the term ‘America First’ was indeed used by Charles Lindbergh, Donald Trump has openly denied any association with the extremely common phrase. Why is this important? Because a dog-whistle in politics only works when you wink and nod at the group you’re ‘dog-whistling,’ not when you openly disavow it. It might be bad tact, but it is not a dog-whistle…

 Oh.. and ‘peppered?’ He said the words “America First” LITERALLY once.

and heavily laden with the imagery of destruction:

Maybe we are looking at different speeches, Ruth Ben-Ghiat. I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it is hard to hear old Donald with an ever-loud repeat of “Fight Song” in the background (even Time Magazine was sick of it). So you know, just for you, I re-listened to his speech and made a list for you.

  1. Rebuild
  2. Restore
  3. All our people
  4. Together: five times
  5. We (when talking about the ability of the American people): Fourteen times
  6. Serve
  7. Reinforce
  8. Loyalty (constant theme)
  9. United

Along with specific usages of:

  • “There is no room for prejudice”
  • “Live together in Unity [despite our differences]”
  • “Always work together”
  • “Whether we are brown or black or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots.”

Yeah… Blood Carnage and Tombstones… I see…

In comparison, Slate counted the words usually found in inauguration speeches, and the results speak for themselves:

Number of times Donald J. Trump mentioned or invoked the “Constitution” in his inaugural address: 0

Number of times Donald J. Trump mentioned the “law” or “rule of law” in his inaugural address: 1 (in reference to the police)

Number of times Donald J. Trump mentioned the word “democracy” in his inaugural address: 0

Number of times Donald J. Trump mentioned the word “freedom” in his inaugural address: 1

Number of times Donald J. Trump mentioned the word “liberty” in his inaugural address: 0

Number of times Donald J. Trump mentioned the word “equality” in his inaugural address: 0

Number of times Donald J. Trump mentioned the word “justice” in his inaugural address: 1 (in reference to Chief Justice John Roberts)

I’m going to point you guys to my list again…

Its up there. Go ahead. Look again.


Rife with populist lies,(debatable…) it was declared “dreadful” by conservative commentator George Will and “Hitlerian” by MSNBC’s Chris Mattews.

(psst… it’s Matthews. Get an editor) 

But it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, since it wasn’t written by Trump himself – shocking, I know – but in fact by avowed white supremacist Steven Bannon and Steve Miller, former aide to open racist Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), even though Trump literally tweeted out a picture of himself ostensibly “writing” his speech on a blank legal pad with a Sharpie.

Apparently, you have not looked up the definition of ‘Avowed.’ Avowed means he directly declares it. Steve Bannon does NOT directly declare it. He DISAVOWS it. A simple Google search would tell you this in… .46 seconds. Here. It doesn’t matter if you think Bannon is telling the truth, that isn’t the definition of avowed.

As to Jeff Sessions… you mean the guy who attacked the Klan in Alabama? That guy? I-Want-To-Desegregate-Schools Jeff Sessions? Ok. You guys like The Hill, right? Here is an article from The Hill on horrible racist Jeff Sessions. There are more from the Washington Post and stuff… but you get the picture.

It’s a clear signal of how much influence the white supremacy movement has within the Donald Trump White House, a revelation that should outrage each and every one of us. Trump is well-known for saying one thing and doing the exact opposite, proving it once again by proclaiming that the government would now be working for “the people” and then almost immediately repealing a mortgage tax break for first-time home buyers. When Trump promises that “we are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the people,” we only need look at the billionaires and Goldman Sachs execs in his cabinet to know he’s lying through his teeth.

Are you talking Obama’s cabinet, or Trump’s? Because… in case you didn’t know… there is a huge private list compiled of people in the Obama administration who had or have connections to Goldman Sachs. Like… Joe Biden. From The Daily Caller, and POLITICO.

Welcome to Trump’s America, where 2+2=5, we’ve always been at war with Eastasia, (East Asia. Editor. Please.) and the truth is whatever he says it is. This is not normal, and we cannot afford to treat it as such.

Well, my leftist friends, I have done my work. I am sure you were just as appalled as I was at all of the Fake News that seemed to have wandered into your articles. You might want to check your staff and make sure some evil conservative didn’t wander in to spread lies. Next time, just be sure to research for your articles. It will save both of us some headache.


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