Trump Moves Forward in Tariff Threats


Despite the overplay Donald Trump’s tweets see in the media, it is important to note that they come directly from the big man himself, and are the best method we have of determining his stances on many issues, provided we see a consistent trend.

At 12:14 pm on January 5th, Donald Trump tweeted-

This is the first time Donald Trump has threatened a foreign company with high tariffs. Previously, he pressured GM to stay, and praised Ford for delaying their plans to move to Mexico.

The difference could be argued as negligible, but there is a subtlety to forcing companies to stay inside the U. S. and forcing other companies inside. The effect of either is terrible, but the effect of both could be catastrophic if carried to the extreme.

Forcing U. S. Companies to stay within U. S. borders while high business taxes crush profits could mean the end of meaningful competition in the States. As manufacturers struggle to produce meaningful advancements in their fields and compete against the global market, foreign entities will make much faster pace and quickly leave us in the dust-again. Forcing foreign companies to build within our high tax zone isn’t much better. The high expense of workers and tax  here will inhibit their ability to compete globally and will ultimately end with those businesses doing limited trade in the U. S. or none at all. Collectively, this will lower the standard of quality for all American-made or American-Owned products.

Donald Trump has, however, promised to lower U. S. business taxes. A measure, that if effectively taken, may remove the need for tariffs at all, considering the massive business upsurge we would receive. Only time can tell us what decisions he would make as President of the United States, and only Donald Trump knows for certain, as he moves to take his oath of office on January 20th.



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