Megyn Kelly to Leave the Kelly File for New Slot at NBC

Megyn Kelly announced Tuesday at her 9 pm program ‘The Kelly File’ that she will be leaving Fox News Network to pursue a new program at NBC.

Despite many accusations and claims to the contrary, Megyn Kelly will not be getting a pay raise when she transitions to NBC. Fox News reportedly offered her 100 million dollars in 25 million dollar installments if she would stay on “The Kelly File.” Kelly apparently refused, for reasons not known at this time.

Below: Megyn Kelly resigning from Fox News Live on “The Kelly File.”

Many members of the conservative media have also criticized her decision to move to what they see as a ‘hostile network’, claiming it proves her liberal bias. Regardless, however, of Kelly’s political leanings, this transition may prove to be in favor of the conservative movement. Kelly may or may not have many real ties to the republican ideals, but she does have friendly ties to many conservative voices, such as Sean Hannity, Ben Shapiro, and other active members of America’s right-wing.

For once in NBC’s recent history, they may have someone on board who at least knows what a conservative actually is.


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