U. S. Customs Experiences Computer Shutdown

United States Customs and Border Protection recently underwent a nationwide computer shutdown on Monday that resulted in the delayed re-entry of many American’s who travelled abroad for this Christmas season. The lines for airports in New York, Atlanta, Miami, and more stretched around the buildings as Customs officials processed people by hand.c1njda0usauebv5

By 8:53 Eastern Time the network was back up and running, but by that time the situation was more than unbearable for weary travelers. According to some who posted on social media, the temperature in the hallways was unbearable, along with the smell of body odor and vomit that hung about.

Photo Credit: Garret Prather

This is yet another of a startling series of private and public network outages and hacks. Starting with the DNC hack by agents associated with the Kremlin, various Multimedia DDOS’s, and finally the east coast Social media shutdown before the election. It begs the question of whether or not our cyber security is truly capable of holding up under the weight of our society today.


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