Trump, Romney to Continue Talks


Above: Romney and Trump after talks on Sunday. Photo Credit: Mike Segar

Donald Trump and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney are set to continue talks Tuesday after their last exchange. While the two have fired off heated words in the past, they seem to have made up for it by their recent pleasant exchange.

Mitt Romney has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump since the real estate mogul announced his plan to run for president in 2015. Romney remarked, “Donald Trump is phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University.” The bitterness did not subside between the two men afterward. Mitt Romney criticized Trump’s various business ventures, including Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, and others. The Donald responded by producing a plate of Trump Steaks at his next rally. He later even remarked that Romney was begging for his endorsement.

This is Donald Trump’s moment to shine–extending an open hand to those in his party who openly criticized him and those who didn’t support him at all. It allows him to send a clear message of stability to foreign leaders and may actually do early work to secure a reelection. Those who did not support a Donald Trump with a blank administration roster may feel more inclined with a Secretary of State Mitt Romney, the third in line for the presidency.

However, not all within Trump’s supporters are enthusiastic about the decision to court what they view as an open enemy. Kellyanne Conway went out of her way to criticize any consideration of Mitt Romney as Secretary of State. “There was the Never Trump movement, then there was Gov. Mitt Romney. He went out of way to hurt Donald Trump.”

Rep. Chris Collins also weighed in on Mitt Romney in a recent interview on CNN’s “New Day” ,”What do I know about Mitt Romney? I know that he is a self-serving egomaniac who puts himself first, who has a chip on his shoulder, that thinks he should be president of the United States.”

Donald Trump, however, did not seem to share Conway’s or Collin’s opinions, as inside sources claim that he was furious. It is not known whether the results of Tuesday’s talks may be overshadowed by the negative Trump campaign team comments.


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