Trump Considers Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn for Security Advisor


Above: Lt. General Michael Flynn testifies on Capitol Hill, 2014

Former Gen. Michael Flynn appears to be on Donald Trump’s short list for security advisor in the White House. Gen. Flynn has been a security advisor for many presidential campaigns, including Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson, before finally ending up as the security advisor on Donald Trump’s campaign. He was on Trump’s short list for VP and said openly that he would accept if nominated.

Who is Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn? 

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was a senior intelligence officer and the former director of the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency, or DIA, an in house version of the CIA. Flynn was a writer who appeared in several American Military magazines as well as foreign ones. He wrote a well-accepted thesis on what he called the “Human Terrain” and was hired to implement that change. He was not, however, well-liked.

He suffered a rough tenure at the DIA, clashing with superiors and staff members. He was known to say that those who disagreed with him would “either be moved or fired.” He ended up eventually retiring under the cloud of an ineffective and chaotic administration.

A former official had this to say about him,

His [ideas were] brilliant, and he was right that the CIA in particular had failed to provide adequate intelligence to the military. But Flynn was put at DIA to do things, and I think he’s an ideas guy and not an implementer

After his retirement from the military sphere, Michael Flynn began to do intelligence consulting work as a civilian, using his experience and military credentials to gain some important contracts in presidential campaigns and foreign governments.

Unfortunately for Flynn, his administration at the DIA would not be the last criticism to be levied against him.

Flynn’s consulting firm has been known to be contracted by the APK to lobby for them in the Turkish Government. The AKP is a group that styles itself as “Conservative Democratic” and aims to keep Islam in the Turkish government, while removing it from the law. However, the AKP is the political party to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish half-dictator who has been accused of violating human rights by imprisoning journalists and boosting his own executive power. In addition, Former Gen. Flynn recently attended a Gala held by a Russian-owned English Newspaper RT while an advisor on Trump’s team, giving a talk on world affairs.

If Donald Trump should decide to nominate Michael Flynn to the position of Security Advisor, he may have to do some serious work on exonerating his selection.


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