Trump Protests Ignite Across Country


Late November 9th, protests emerged across the United States, from in front of Trump Tower, NY, to Seattle, WA, to protest the recent surprise election of Donald J. Trump to the office of the 45th president.

Trump’s remarks and behavior on the campaign trail bespoke of a unbridled hatred of gays, Muslims, and Mexicans, according to many of the protesters that lined the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle and other cities across America. Their combined cries of “not my President” and “F— Trump” made a stark contrast with the polite concession of former President-Hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Not all protests were relatively peaceful. According to NBC New York, police made over thirty arrests during the protests. Meanwhile in Oakland, according to the Los Angeles Times, demonstrators smashed business windows and ignited trash cans and tires.

Many members of this ‘revolution’ don’t see the protests dying away any time soon. According to Ben Jealous, former president of the NAACP, “The resistance begins today […] [W]e must build the most robust movements we have ever known to defend our rights and those of our neighbors, protect our planet, end poverty, and shift the world away from war and towards peace.”*

It remains to be seen if these recent protests are the result of unsettled American democrats, or a much larger movement driven by resentment against the Republican President-Elect.

*Quoted from NBC “‘He Is Not My President’: Donald Trump Inspires Thousands to Protest in Streets Across U.S.”
sources include NBC, CNBC, Los Angeles Times.
Image from CNBC



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